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Join Trans-Global Travel Ltd. in bringing you home to Israel.

Experience first-hand the Land of Milk & Honey. Together we will relive the magic of Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, and see the beauty of the Galilee.You will tour Israel’s must-sees as well as experience some of its rich cultural nuances including an authentic Shabbat “happening” in Jerusalem.

Departure from USA to Tel Aviv

DAY 2: Arrival
The Tour begins You will be met by a Trans-Global Travel Tours Representative to assist you through customs and then continue to Jerusalem.

Arriving in the morning you will meet our very capable (local) Israeli guide as you begin on the journey of a lifetime! As we make the ascent into Jerusalem we will share in the Shecheyanu prayer at a picturesque overlook before entering the Old City through the alleyways and markets of the Jewish Quarter. We will wind down with an unforgettable stop at the Kotel – the Western Wall where Jews the world over, for thousands of years, have come to pray. Here you can reflect, pray, place your written prayers in the cracks of the ancient walls, as you witness this moving and time honored “happening”. We will check-in to our Jerusalem hotel and share dinner with the group before retiring for the evening.

DAY 3: Contemporary Jerusalem
After our Israeli breakfast we will begin the day with a guided tour of the Knesset, and enjoy a guest speaker. Next we head to the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem’s newest museum. In the afternoon we head back to the Old City to experience the ancient Cardo complex and meander through the unique shops of the Jewish Quarter. Be prepared to “haggle” with the local merchants – it is part of the experience! After dinner, there will be free time to see the vibrant Ben Yehuda pedestrian shopping mall.

Overnight at hotel: Dinner and Overnight Jerusalem

DAY 4: The Judean Desert
We will awaken early to start our journey to the Judean Desert. Visit the desert where ibex roam at Ein Gedi, David’s hideout from Saul, and on to the mighty fortress Massada, last stronghold and stand of the zealots against Rome, on the edge of the barren Negev Desert. Massada is a symbol of courage and perseverance for the Jewish People, where 960 Jewish defenders organized their last resistance to the Roman conquerors and took their own lives rather than surrender into slavery.

We will make a stop at the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth. For those who wish we will relax and take time to float on the salty, mineral-rich waters. Late afternoon we return to Jerusalem.

Dinner and Overnight Jerusalem

DAY 5: Loss & Remembrance
Begin the day with an emotional visit to the Yad V’shem, the memorial to the Holocaust and 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis. Next we will focus on “rebuilding” by Planting trees in a Jerusalem forest. Visit the Israel Museum and the model of the ancient city of Jerusalem. There will be a little free time for relaxing, reflection or exploring Jerusalem. We will then gather together to prepare for Shabbat. For those interested, we will attend Shabbat services at one of the local Jerusalem synagogues and then celebrate Shabbat- Jerusalem style with a festive dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Jerusalem .

DAY 6: Shabbat Jerusalem-Style
You may join us for Shabbat services or spend the morning relaxing. We will take a walking tour of Jerusalem’s varied neighborhoods in the afternoon. The group will celebrate the end of Shabbat and the beginning of a new week together at dinner. You will have some free time to explore Jerusalem on your own. Dinner and Overnight Jerusalem

DAY 7: Early Settlers of the Galilee
We will travel through the Jordan Valley on our way to the Galilee. Explore Beit Shean one of the earliest and most important cities in Israel from the time of the Canaanites. It was here the Philistines impaled King Saul’s body to the city wall – we will view its magnificent excavations and see the very impressive Roman-era archeological complex. Visit the Old Gesher Museum to relive stories of the Galilee’s pioneers & poets then the Kinneret Cemetery, last resting place of the national poet Rachel. Cruise Lake Kineret(the Sea of Galilee)by boat from Tiberius to Kibbutz Nof Ginnosar to see the ‘Jesus Boat’ – an incredible archeological treasure found in the mud under Lake Kineret by two amateur archeologists of the kibbutz and lovingly restored by the University of Haifa. Rest of the afternoon at leisure to explore the fascinating and unique way of life of the kibbutz. We spend the night at the 4 star Kibbutz Guest House of Nof Ginossar and enjoy a country dinner. After dinner one of the members of the kibbutz will give a talk on their way of life, accompanied by slides.

DAY 8: Tsfat, Kaballah & Mysticism and Golan Heights
Wake up to the beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee. After another lovely Israeli buffet breakfast we ascend to the Mount of Beautitudes, passing the place where Jesus gave the famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and continue to the ancient city of Tsfat(Safad), high in the Galilee hills. It is here that our esteemed ancestors gave birth to Kabbalah. Meander through the ancient alleyways of the picturesque village and learn of the fascinating ideas of our ancient rabbis that gave way to Mysticism and Kabbalah. We will visit an absorption center nearby which facilitates new Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia and witness the renewal brought about by these newly settled immigrants. We will then stop near kibbutz Misgav Am (“fortress of the People”), to an overlook at Israel’s neighbor, Lebanon, located on the border. We ascend the Golan Heights to visit Banias, a beautiful area which has significance for early Christianity. Enjoy a wine tasting & tour of the Golan Heights Winery. On to the Golan, we visit the Valley of Tears, where 7 Israeli tanks and, finally Zvika alone, jumping from disabled tank to disabled tank, and holding up the whole Syrian Army in the Yom Kippur War.

On the way back to the Kineret for dinner, and time allowing, enjoy a walking tour of the world renowned Hula Valley Nature Reserve –where birdwatchers from all over the world come to observe a multitude of migratory birds. Finish the day off with tranquil sunset cruise on the Sea of Galilee, followed by a fabulous dinner at Decks Restaurant, located on the beautiful shore of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee). . Overnight at Nof Ginossar .

DAY 9: Biblical Battlefields to Tel Aviv
We leave the Galilee and head towards Israel’s Mediterranean coast. First stop is at Maayan Harod (Herod’s Well) – the natural spring where Gideon chose his 300 warriors to face the mighty armies lined up against the Israelites by noting how they drank from the spring. Continue via the Ta’anachim area also a famous Biblical battlefield – of Deborah and Barak. Continue to Megiddo, inspiration for the famous novel by James Michener, where 22 different levels of civilization have been uncovered, right down to the stables of King Solomon around 1200 B.C. Megiddo is the site of the Armaggedon, which in Biblical Prophecy is the last battle of civilization where Israel will face the armies of the world – and defeat them , at great cost. Continue to the Druze villages on the Carmel Mountains and then to the artists’ village of Ein Hod. Plant a tree with your own hands to help the recovery of the Carmel forests after the devastating forest fire in 2010. We visit Herod’s Caesarea amphitheater on the coast, and then continue to Tel Aviv for dinner and overnight at your beachfront hotel. For those who have the strength and energy Tel Aviv is one of the “hot-spots” of the world for its night life.

DAY 10: Modern Israel-Tel Aviv
After a huge Israeli breakfast buffet we visit the Palmach Museum, to experience a multimedia presentation about the struggle of the underground army for a Jewish State. Then next off to visit Independence Hall reliving the founding of modern Israel. See Nahlat Binyamin and view the excitement and vibrancy of Tel Aviv at the Carmel Vegetable and Fruit market.. We will then move on to Tel Aviv’s historic “White City” district, recognized as a UNESCO world-heritage site for the unique Bauhaus architecture. Farewell dinner in Jaffa, continue to airport for overnight flight.

DAY 11: Shalom & Le’Hitraot
We arrive back in the US (to Newark Airport).

Extension I
For those with extra time enjoy an Eilat Extension plus an optional day tour of PETRA in Jordan.

3-day/3-night Eilat extension – Israel’s “Red Sea Riviera”. Included: round trip domestic flights to/from Eilat, resort hotel accommodations, daily breakfasts.Relax in the warm climate and beauty of Eilat at a beautiful resort located on the Red Sea, home to one of the world’s finest underwater oceanariums. Take an optional day tour of PETRA (recently voted the 8th Wonder of the World). Be amazed by the ancient city carved in the mountains of “Water-Colored” sandstone! A private guided tour will be provided.

Extension II
Three day extension in Tel Aviv. Explore Tel Aviv’s colorful nightlife and the vibrant city by day.
Enquire for custom arrangements.

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