Virtual Tour of Israel

Travel to the Holyland Today from the comfort of your home!

We also offer Customized Interactive Virtual Tours! If you are a larger group (suitable for more than 50 people, ie. churches, ministries, etc.), please visit our Group Tour Page HERE

Virtual Tour with Israeli Guide

Experience an Interactive VIRTUAL TOUR of Israel with a ‘LIVE’ Israeli guide – Just $99 Per Person! 

Click here for detailed itinerary

Transglobal Travel has been operating Israel Holy Land tours for 49 years. Never have we been able to do a tour for $99!!  Join Transglobal tour-bus, make new friends over 5 full touring days, as we all make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

We are so excited to be offering you a “Virtual Tour of Israel”. You will be able to experience the Holy Land from the comfort and safety of you own home. A top Israeli Tour Guide will be escorting you and your group, day by day over the course of 5 days, through the Land, following the Steps of Jesus- just as if you were walking along Biblical byways; or passing by the Jordan River from the comfort of our virtual deluxe coach; or ‘checking in’ to your hotel or seeing the incredible array of fresh fruits and vegetables at Jerusalem’s markets.

If you are looking to tour Israel but not wanting to leave your home to do it, this is the easiest way to view the Holyland! For more information on our Virtual Tour to Israel you can view our Virtual Tour page by clicking the Book your tour now button below!

Don’t miss out on this awesome virtual tour! You can still travel virtually in these unprecedented times and it is just like you are actually visiting the Holyland without leaving your home! You can view with your family or your chuch! Contact us today!!

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